just want u know Firebird 2.5.2 (Windows Build)

Firebird 2.5.2 (Windows Build)
o Introduction
o Intended Users
o Known Issues
o Features in this release (all platforms)
o Installation
o Reporting Bugs

Welcome to Firebird 2.5.
Intended Users

Firebird 2.5 has undergone extensive testing and is
intended for widespread production use. However, users
are recommended to follow standard practices before
deploying this release on a production server. ie:

o Please make sure you read the installation
readme and the release notes.

o If you have data you value remember to back it up
prior to installing this release.

o It is recommended that you remove any previous
version prior to installation. Uninstallation
preserves configuration files and log files.

o It is recommended that you carry out your own
tests in a development environment prior to
production deployment.
Known Issues

Windows Vista – The binary installer fails to start
Firebird as a service at installation time, however,
the service does start correctly after a reboot. As a
workaround, you can shift-right click on the Firebird
control panel applet, choose ‘Run as…’ and start the
service from there.
Features in this release

Please see the Release Notes for details of new

Installation issues are covered in detail in the
Installation Guide available in the doc directory after
install. A brief summary of installation issues can
also be found in the installation_readme.txt, also
available from the doc directory after installation.
Reporting Bugs

Before you report a bug:

o Check you know how Firebird works.
Maybe it is not a bug at all.

o Perhaps someone has already reported this? Browse
existing bug reports here:


o If in doubt why not discuss the problem on the
Firebird-devel list? You can subscribe here:


and the list is viewable via a newsgroup interface



From the Firebird team.


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